Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At FoodTruckr’s Interview With Better Buzz Mobile Espresso

Throwback Thursday

Thursday is among us yet again, and for this edition of Throwback Thursday, we decided to go all the way back to Oct. 13, 2016.

On that day, FoodTruckr interviewed Amy Herrmann of Better Buzz Mobile Espresso.

Whether you are wanting to join this wonderful industry or have been surviving and thriving in it for what feels like a lifetime (a good lifetime, of course), it would be in your best interest to see how Herrmann has handled the mobile kitchen industry. Of course, taking her advice into consideration would also be rather beneficial.

In the spirit of that thinking, below we will be unleashing a preview from the article, if you will, as well as a link to it so you can read the entire thing!

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Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At FoodTruckr’s Interview With Better Buzz Mobile Espresso

Better Buzz Mobile Espresso Went From Brick-And-Mortar Cafe To A Business On Wheels

“In this day and age, coffee is all the rage. As a result, everyone likes a good coffee story, and we have an amazing coffee story for you today.

“FoodTruckr had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Herrmann of Better Buzz Mobile Espresso, which is located in Manchester Center, VT. In terms of Better Buzz Mobile Espresso’s story, well, they started off as a brick-and-mortar cafe.”

“We started our food truck after closing our brick-and-mortar cafe, Wired,” Herrmann said. “That’s very opposite of how it usually happens, but after a few years away we realized that there was still a gap, a need, if you will, for what we had been doing at Wired. We spent some time searching for another location but just couldn’t find that right spot. We live in an interesting community, just a few miles from several ski areas. There are lots of second homes and business is very seasonal. We did find one neat location in town that could have worked had the rent not been astronomical (it stayed vacant for eight years after we opted out). But because we are still an “outlet” town, rents are geared toward large corporations, not the little guy.”

“Fast forward a few years and I’m sitting on a bench outside of Kiplinger in D.C., waiting for my sister to take her lunch break. Food trucks were lining up (Franklin Square maybe?) and a little light bulb went off. Instead of opening another cafe and waiting for people to come to me, I should go to them!”

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Throwback Thursday

“When you are first starting off in the food truck industry, it’s crucial to get as much advice and information as possible. Therefore, prospective owners might want to take this food truck advice to heart:”

“Advice to new truckers? Write a ridiculously solid business plan and research regulations/permits before you even spend a dime. There is still a myriad of red tape that needs to be navigated for mobile vendors and it’s not worth investing in a project if you can’t even get a permit to operate.”

While this was only a preview of the article (in Throwback fashion), you can read the entire article here!

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If you are looking to continue your advice journey, you can also check out the article below.

The Best Way To Land More Catering Gigs At Your Food Truck Business

“The best way to land more catering gigs, although it admittedly depends on the food truck business, is by promoting your catering services. If your customers don’t know you cater, then, well, they won’t know that option is available. The more people know about this service, the more likely you are to land catering gigs.

“Therefore, start promoting this service on your social media networks (even if it is just one post per week/month!), and literally start telling your customers you offer up catering services.”

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