5 Unusual Food Truck Concepts You May Not Have Thought Possible


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If you’re planning on opening a food truck with an unusual theme or menu, you’re probably feeling a little anxious about whether or not the locals will dig your concept as much as you do. But don’t despair! No matter how unconventional your idea may be, if these five totally weird food trucks found success, then indeed, you can, too.

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1. The concept for The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal food truck in Amsterdam was based on an ethical question: How can we, as a society, stop wasting so much food? The answer? Use the meat of animals already being killed due to overpopulation. The truck has had great success serving up unusual meat options made from animals that had previously gone to waste including pigeons, crawfish, and parakeets.

2. Our next food truck possesses the ultimate trifecta: a unique theme, an unusual featured food, and a “punny” name. Bananarchy in Austin, TX is a revolution-themed frozen banana stand. Although the “Arrested Development” references may be lost on some, the many delectable banana accoutrements, including chocolate, nuts, toffee, M&M’s, and granola, can be appreciated by anyone. Viva la revolución!

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3. According to an article on Fortune, Americans spent about $60 billion last year on their pets! Barkery food truck in Seattle had the bright, albeit unconventional, idea of tapping into that market, with a food truck catering only to dogs. Let me repeat that for you: this very successful food truck sells only dog food. Are you feeling more confident yet?

Food Truck Concepts

4. Del Popolo Pizza Truck in San Francisco proves that no food truck idea is too ambitious, and no clientele too elite, for a successful food truck. Their unique glass-fronted truck allows you a dollhouse-esque view of the interior of their kitchen, which includes a traditional wood-fired oven. With an extensive wine list, this gourmet Italian truck has the vibe of a classy date-night restaurant, selling entrees for upwards of $15.

5. Why limit yourself to one thing when you can have it all? This is the philosophy behind Gourdough’s Donuts food truck in Austin, TX. Gourdough’s makes a single donut into a whole meal, with indulgent toppings like chicken, bacon, and cream cheese, in addition to every dessert topping you can imagine. You’ll need to skip dinner and go straight to dessert if you plan on tackling one of these.

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