3 Struggles Food Truck Owners Will Face In The Mobile Kitchen Industry

Food Truck Industry

Just like any other industry, the food truck industry is going to pose its fair share of roadblocks.

When you are a food truck owner, you will became obsessed with the weather. After all, if it is pouring rain outside or the temperatures are frigid, then you might have to close up shop. The long hours will be grueling, especially at first. Heck, simply driving the truck might be an obstacle for some people (not everyone grew up driving a truck).

With that in mind, we have compiled three more struggles food truck owners will face in the mobile kitchen industry.

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3 Struggles Food Truck Owners Will Face In The Mobile Kitchen Industry

  • The Initial Cost Of The Food Truck
  • Expansion
  • Finding Employees Who Share The Same Goals And Dreams

The Initial Cost Of The Food Truck

First things first, a prospective food truck owner has to come up with a rather large sum of money for the foodMobile Kitchen Industry truck and all of the equipment. If you go the high-end route, then you could be looking at $70,000 at minimum. With that said, a high-end food truck tends to be more reliable, it should come with warranties and it will feature everything you want and need when it comes to your kitchen and truck.

Of course, not everyone has an extra $70,000 in the bank, so coming up with the initial cost for a food truck is quite the struggle, as is the case with starting up any business.

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Everyone has different goals and dreams when they enter the food truck industry. Some people’s dream: To own one food truck. Others want to franchise their trucks, and there are likely plenty of owners who eventually want to open up a sit-down restaurant on top of having a food truck.

Nonetheless, expansion in the food truck industry is not easy. Here are three reasons why: (1) All of the struggles you had to tackle when opening up your first truck will arise once again; however, you at least will know what you are doing this time around. (2) You know how tough it was to come up with the money for one truck, so just imagine having to come up with enough money to buy another truck, and then balancing that with running the first food truck. This is a very expensive process, folks. (3) Even if you have enough money to start up another truck, you have to hire/trust someone else to run it. Spoiler: You can’t be in two places (and especially three) at once.

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Finding Employees Who Share The Same Goals And Dreams

While there are a million different people who are trying to break into the industry, not everyone shares the same long-term goals and dreams as you. Therefore, finding employees who share the same goals and dreams as you might be quite the obstacle.

Mobile Kitchen IndustryWhile every business owner is trying to build their dream team, that feat isn’t always that simple, and you will figure that out when you are shuffling through employees over the course of your food truck journey.

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Not to mention, in a perfect world, your employees will love to cook (and be good at it), they will have otherworldly customer service skills, they won’t be afraid to work 10-hour shifts, etc. However, finding someone with all of those traits isn’t always that easy.

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