An Important Reminder For Food Truck Owners: Value Quality Over Quantity


We all do it from time to time — we sacrifice quality.

We, unfortunately, do this for a number of different reasons.

We want to cook as much food as possible — not to mention lines are jam-packed with customers who want their food as fast as possible — so we rush the process.

We have a million different things on our to-do lists, so we try to multitask and end up not giving each task the time and effort it deserves.

We want to increase sales and feed as many mouths as possible, so we cut corners to achieve that feat, whether it be at normal locations, events, catering gigs or whatever it might be.

In every case, quality is being sacrificed for quantity, and that’s the one area food truck owners should never take a shortcut in.

Value Quality Over Quantity

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You want to be known for your high-quality food. While there are a million different factors that go into a food truck business, such as customer service and customers not having to wait too long to be served, and it’s hard to cover everything to the best of your abilities, the last thing you want to get a reputation for is bad food.

That can lead to a decline in customers, terrible reviews and a bad reputation.

People will be more willing to wait on your food, pay higher prices, etc., if it’s steaming with quality every time they eat at your truck.

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If the opposite rings true, you might have a lot of one-off customers (aka customers who only go to your truck once and never return).

So many businesses are able to get ahead in many different industries by valuing quantity over quality, but it’s very hard for those businesses to stay successful in the long run. Eventually, a bad product or service catches up to them.

Of course, it’s tough to balance everything, from prices to fast service to high-quality food.

Ask yourself what you want to be known for: A company that values quality or a company that values quantity. In some cases, companies provide both, but in those cases, quality still doesn’t take a hit.

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While, yes, food truck owners have a lot to worry about and it’s not easy to be an owner in this competitive industry, it’s important to always value quality over quantity.

After all, you can take shortcuts in other areas in which that’s acceptable.

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